Our Vision

We are recognised as the market leader in real-time trading strategies in Australia. We will have one of the largest communities of active traders in the country, with a reputation for low risk, high return trading.

Why Asenna?

At Asenna you’ll find quality information inside our trading program, created to suit YOU – no matter whether you’re looking to trade daily or monthly, whether you’re looking for safe, constant, iterative gains or you want to make bigger short term gains by utilising our traders in the ‘Trading Pit’.

You’re being backed by years of trading experience.

We’re wildly passionate about successful share trading. We’ve used our years of experience to create trading strategies that will work no matter whether you’re a hobby trader, a large investor managing self-managed super funds, or a sophisticated and seasoned trader.

At Asenna, We Focus on Now.

Other ‘rear view mirror’ sites will offer you decent prices on trades and well written, fundamentally sound ‘newsletters’ and the like. The problem with that is, as you know, successful trading is done in real-time. If you trade by reacting to news after it has been factored in, or at the same time as 5,000 other people reading the same week-old news, you’ll never get ahead.

You’ll Have Round-The-Clock Trading Updates and Tips.

Our cutting edge SMS / Twitter / Blog / Email ‘Instant Notification’ system ensures you’re on top of news as it happens. We’ll help you act quickly and catch the opportunities while the rest of the market are waiting for their weekly newsletter.

We Offer Cutting-Edge Risk Minimisation Techniques.

It’s all about less emotion and more mechanics. We’ll teach you to instigate a strong, transparent, and simple risk management strategy – you won’t be tearing your hair our or wondering what’s going to happen in your future.

Trade From Anywhere.

You’ll get a competitive deal and you can trade on your own terms by using online broking. Sometimes, however, you’re in a situation where the internet isn’t working. You’ve run out of battery, or the laptop is crashing. Don’t Worry. Asenna offer a full phone trading service so you won’t have to waste precious moments.

Roundtable With Like-Minded Investors In The “Trading Pit”.

Our special member’s area is a ‘Trading Pit’ chat room where you’ll be able to chat to Asenna traders and like-minded investors; people who can help you with your trading problems or offer general advice will be standing by, ready to help!

Client Testimonials

Big thanks to Asenna Wealth for opening my eyes to the world of professional trading, very thankful and learnt heaps. Cheers

Sheldon James
Perth, WA

Assad says to keep the emotion out trading and this forum tends to be big on facts and trading rules gained from a lot of experience, I find the thoughts of posters very informed and accurate.

Shane Omeara
Gisbourne, VIC

Since I opened an account with Asenna, I have been loving Monday to Friday’s more than weekends!

Phillip Ha
Carlingford, NSW

Wish I’d known about the Pit earlier in my trading…. I might have paid a bit less for my ‘lessons’ in the market. Thanks Assad, it’s great.

Quentin Churches
Melbourne, VIC

Assad, thanks for providing Pit, makes my day so much more interesting … love the interaction with like minded pros, this is the best group I have seen in my years as a trader.

Peter Morris

I have learnt more off you then I have for the last ten years doing it alone. Thanks

Andrew McLean
Melbourne, VIC

Extremely impressed with Asenna. The proof is in the pudding, to see what I mean follow @AsennaWealth on twitter. The trades announced and market insights really exhibit the execution of a very sound trading strategy that stands up in market ups or downs. The most exciting part for me is the opportunity to learn from the best in the market.

Michael Ross
Melbourne, VIC

I found Assad via twitter recently and noticed how good his calls are. Better than anyone else I have seen to date.

Dean Mico
Sydney, New South Wales

Since joining up with Asenna Wealth Solutions, I’ve been delighted with the up to the minute information and insights that get delivered straight to my smartphone. As any investor knows, timing is everything, and Asenna is light years ahead of other investment firms I’ve worked with in the past. Where I used to fall behind the latest tips and pay the price, I’ve done considerably well with Asenna. They are as serious about stellar customer service and real-time data as I am.

Asenna not only keeps me in the game every minute, but their representatives know their stuff! I’ve had a couple times where I knew I needed some help with investment lingo and strategies, and both times the service and knowledge was second to none. For once, they didn’t simply want to get me off the phone as soon as possible – Asenna actually cared about my progress and satisfaction. To me, that means everything.

I recommend Asenna very highly, and I’ve told my friends about them already. In a world where old-school customer service and integrity are dying more each day, Asenna is truly a bright light in the online brokerage industry. I tell people just to check them out, not just to take my word for it. They ARE that good.

George Georgiou

There are easy and hard ways to get things done. Fortunately for us, Asenna make trading easy.

I have been an avid follower of the Asenna traders for years, and when they established the Asenna business I was very excited to join. With their years of experience as traders, they know what other traders are after. I used to read the newspaper, watch the business channel, get tips from friends, buy subscriptions. It only made me more confused. Worst of all, it was news after everything had already happened. Asenna is a one stop shop that tells me all I need to know as it happens.

If you are looking for advice and guidance in trading and financial services, Asenna are the go-to people

Roger Adams
Brighton, Victoria